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Thread: Ovechkin auto-fleer ultra

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    Talking Ovechkin auto-fleer ultra

    I am just getting back into collecting hockey cards, so I went and bought a box of fleer ultra. I know many of you have been badmouthing the design, but I cannot complain. First box of cards I have opened in 10 years and out pops this.
    Ovechkin Rookie uniformity-autoed-tricolor patch

    I am currently thinking about selling it, if you are interested e-mail me at

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    Please don't use that kind of language, I deleted the rest.

    Rick Polus

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    :new_shock Exremely nice pull! Even though I collect auto'd RC's I'd sell that bad boy in a heartbeat, especially while he's hot. You could easily go out and pick up another AO RC and more boxes with the money you'd get for that bad boy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfermatt91
    najibs please dont swear

    very nice looking card

    Sorry, I was just excited, and green with envy at the same time. My apologies.

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    Sorry for not replying earlier.

    Yes this card has been put on ebay. Thanks for posting the above link and also for moving the post.


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