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    Leaf Originals Wrestling Two box break - Amazingly awesome set!

    I thought I had missed the boat on this set but my wife surprised me with two boxes today. What a great looking set with old school guys. The cards are a bit smaller size than regular cards and all the autosare on card.

    Tony Atlas
    KoKo B Ware
    Abdullah the Butcher
    Buff Bagwell /99
    The Iron Sheik /99

    Paul Orndorff
    Jake Roberts
    Tito Santana /Printing Plate

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    I am a big fan of the "on card" autos and I can't wait to get some of these myself. Congrats on your pulls.

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    Thanks! They really do look amazing and them being the guys I grew up watching just make it awesome.

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    An amazing set as you are pretty much guaranteed to walk away with something amazing that you'll love. Much better than a TNA or WWE box, as with a TNA box you can get average autos and a mem and a wwe box you can walk away with only two average relics. However in this set they are all autographs and mostly legends. I haven't seen a box break without at least one good auto. Congrats on your pulls mate!

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    Couldn't agree more man.

    I was happy with my first couple of hits from each box. The list of signers is amazing and there really are only a couple of blah people in the entire set.

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    nice stuff- I snagged a Rick Martel auto on ebay, as he was the only one I really wanted out of the set, as awesome as it is
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