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    Some early 2000's packs I found in the basement! Not bad for free I tell ya!LOL

    So basically here is how it went. A long while back my father in law brought me 4 rubbermaid containers with stuff in them. Most of it was late 80s early 90s baseball unopened packs. BUT 2 of the containers had a bunch of early 2000's random packs. Mostly Football and Baseball but a little Basketball and Hockey too. I'll be posting trading threads on the appropriate forum when I get done busting all of it for trading. I did all the hockey and here is what I pulled from the packs! I'll post the better stuff here with scans then a link at the end to the bucket where all of pics are. A trading thread will be started soon also! Some really cool stuff if I do say so myself! Enjoy the show!

    2003 Topps Young Stars Rookies!









    Top 3! 2 and 3 are interchangable I think?

    3- Spezza

    2- Nash

    1- Zetterberg

    Now these are the Silver version. Cool look on the front but OMG the back of all of these cards are JACKED!!!!

    Naslund Front


    Spezza RC Silver

    Now these are just gonna be random cause I'm too lazy to want to label all of them!LOL So enjoy the show guys!



    Hull /299

    Somik Rookie Refractor

    Iginla Refractor

    Next post will be the best stuff of the bunch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pensauto77 View Post
    Thanks for the comments guys! I LOVE the gold label stuff! If I thought I could get all the Class 1 and maybe Class 2 base cards I would do the set!LOL Probably not gonna find too many of them now a days though? I'll be posting a trade thread in the next 2 days and reply to anyone who was interested in any of them!

    As far as the Naslund goes! Those inserts are 1 per pack and every one of them I got was the same on the back. The fronts aren't too bad but DANG the backs are just torn up! Too bad too cause the rookie version of Spezza would have been nice if it was mint!LOL Oh well cause for free I won't complain!

    I am also in the process of busting a bunch of the same year stuff for Football, Baseball and Basketball! Pulled some killer stuff in basketball this morning in the way of odds. 2 jersey cards from 7 packs and one was 1:37 packs and the other was 1:57 packs. So I did well there. I'll be listing those in a few days when they are all opened on the appropriate forum. So if anyone is interested in that stuff I can send them a link to the trade thread when I get them all opened, Brad.
    I would like that link yessir, I get lost very easily on the boards
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    Very cool cards. I really like the Topps products from that era. I would also be interested in seeing you trade thread once you get everything all opened.
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    That Brodeur jersey card is a gigantic sensory overload. Great stuff

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    Just an update! I am almost done busting all the packs! Took me a while but thats cause I am enjoying the thrill of actually opening something!LOL I'll have the trade threads up next week since I will be on vacation starting Friday until next Tuesday. I will post all trading threads in the appropriate forum when I return! Thanks for the interest and all the comments, Brad.

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    Those are awesome pulls! I would love to buy the Bullion triple from you!

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    The Bullion is pending right now. Pretty sure it's gone but if it doesn't go thru I will contact you. Sorry, Brad.

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    Nice pulls. I was always a fan of the 2000-01 Topps series that you have here. The Electronics Boutique in my mall (which unfortunately moved out years ago) had that, plus 2000-01 UD Vintage and 2000-01 UD Reserve packs for sale for the price of 10 cents per pack! Wish they were still around. Nonetheless, free cards are awesome and you pulled some great cards!

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    Wow, the Roy/Bourque/Forsberg triple is GORGEOUS.

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