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    UD Young Gun Designs: Best and Worst

    I'm wondering what everyone's favorite designs are and vice-versa.

    I like the basic designs and I almost always like what they roll out.

    Best: 00-01. Really cool design IMO and I like the bronze backs. I'll take a Gaborik for the PC.

    Runners Up:

    Worst: 09-10. Didn't dig the diagonal thing here, the oversized block lettering, and the photos look a little too close-up.

    Runners Up: 01-02,

    04-05 RC fail
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    I have not liked the young guns since 05-06. they were perfect that year, and then 06-07 wasnt as good, but not horrible.. 07-08, they put the name inside the foil, and it was hard to read without the exact perfect lighting.. 08-09 had that horrible frilly design.. 09-10 was just primitive looking.. 10-11 Was a solid improvement, and the best since 05-06.. 11-12 I think look like European cards, I cant come up with a reason why, but thats what I think of when I see them.. and this year, its amost as if Upper deck said "Ahh screw it, we aint getting hockey, lets just get the temp to throw a design together!

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    I'm a huge fan of 03-04 as well, but I actually really like 02-03 as well. 10-11 is definitely the best recent one and I hate 07-08 and 08-09. 08-09 is just weird to me and like afterdark said the names are almost impossible to read in 07-08
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    05-06 definitely the best designed set with 10-11 a close second.

    This years 12-13 looks absolutely horrible with the white borders to the sides.

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    hmm, looks like i'm in the minority here, but i really like the 09/10 young guns. they have this wacky quasi-futuristic look to me that stands out ay more than any other year of young guns. my least favorite is the recent 11/12 design. it's a bit too bland and boring to me. i remember opening up packs and not being able to immediately know if there was a young gun in it or not.

    my favorite design... and NO it's not just cuz it's couture's rookie year:

    my least favorite (but this picture of RNH is awesome):
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    I liked the 2009/10 YGs, along with 2011/12... my least favourites are this year's and 2007/08 and. My favourites?

    1990/91 :D
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    I'm a big fan of these designs:

    as for the worst:
    The side bar just makes the card look blah and takes away from the design
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    My favorite are 03-04
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    My top 3 would be

    Least favorite



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