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Thread: FT b.clarke wire auto

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    FT b.clarke wire auto

    card is gone thanks
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    I'm definitely interested. Here are some cards that fit your criteria with BVs from my old old beckett. If you have a newer one, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Lafleurs for trade:
    2006-07 SP Game Used Legendary Fabrics Autographs #LFGL Guy Lafleur - BV50

    Brodeur for trade:
    1995-96 Parkhurst International #NNO3 M.Brodeur - BV80

    Beliveau for trade:
    2007-08 The Cup Enshrinements Duals #E2BR Jean Beliveau/ Larry Robinson
    People have been trying to convince me that this has a BV of 50 or 60 or something low like that because its not listed and counts as one of the "common" dual auto enshrinement from the set. I disagree as this was one of those not one the original checklist. I'm asking for 200 BV on this one.

    If you want to work something out, drop me a line.


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    hi,just wayting on a reply on facebook but if it dont go true,
    interested in the lafleur ink and the lafleur stick/jsy makes 100$bv,can you look if you can find a 20$bv card in my buckett,thanks,

    and just so you know that dual beliveau/rob. was mine at one time and traded it at 100$bv in the trade for your roy chirography that had a crease in it.a year ago.
    .(just saying,not interested in it)

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