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    WOW what an awesome display. I cannot match anyone's post but I will add pics later. Thank you all who has shown thier stupendous cards.
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    I'll join in.. also in no specific order:


    11-12 Black Diamond Rainbow

    Lots of great cards, I love these threads :)

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    Your Elliot collecion is awesome. Those are some sick cards!
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    Here are mine. I ranked them simply by how much I like them:


    Tom Barrasso 2011-12 BTP Jumbo Stick /10
    Like the design of this one, and it's pretty rare.


    Tom Barrasso 2010-11 BTP Jersey + Auto Silver /3
    Just a jersey + auto, but it's #'d to just 3, and I just like the look of it.


    Tom Barrasso 2010-11 BTP Number + Auto Black /6
    Nice 3-color patch and auto


    Sidney Crosby 2010-11 SP Authentic Signature Patches 020/100
    My first (and only) Crosby auto, so I was quite thrilled when I finally got this. Love the design.


    Tom Barrasso 2007-08 BTP Complete Jersey /10
    Have only seen one floating around, so I take pride in having this one. And I think it's the only Barrasso w/ a fight strap piece. Emblem patch is really thick on this one.


    Ron Hextall 2006-07 BTP GU Emblem Gold 1/1
    Awesome little patch here, and it's 1/1!


    Ron Hextall 2008-09 BTP He Shoots, He Scores GU Stick Silver /9
    Absolutely love this piece. Old school Victoriaville logo, and the piece is huge, hence the 180pt screwdown.


    Tom Barrasso 2010-11 BTP Stick Save Silver /24
    This isn't the rarest card, but it's still one of my faves. I searched high and low for one, it was the first card that I truly searched for when I started collecting, so it was a good day when I found one on eBay!


    Barrasso/Roy/Vernon 2011-12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Goalie Generations Gold 1/1
    A 1/1 featuring these 3 speaks for itself.


    Barrasso / Lemieux 2010-11 Dominion Bonded In Silver Dual Auto /25
    Again, not the rarest card, but this one is my favorite. I love the design of this set, the picture they used for Barrasso is great, auto's are on-the-card, and these are the 2 players I idolized when I was just a wee-lad!
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    Oooooooooooops my Top 10 disappeared when I re-arranged my bucket :(

    These are different I'm pretty sure. No short-term memory

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    All Keslers All The Time

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    I had a very tough time narrowing these down to only 10, and even still, to resist the temptation to allocate a tie at certain spots/ranks to squeeze a few more cards in was an accomplishment I am modestly proud to have achieved, lol. I'm still having second guesses about some of the choices I made, so I'm sure that the order of these 10 might also be somewhat up in the air, but here they are nonetheless, ordered according by how much I enjoy them, as others have done.

    #10 2009-10 UD Black Lustrous Materials Wayne Gretzky /50

    #9 2011-12 ITG Ultimate When There Were Six Frank Brimsek/Turk Broda/Chuck Rayner/Sid Abel/Bill Mosienko/Toe Blake /9

    #8 2004-05 ITG Ultimate Retro Teammates Eddie Shore/Tiny Thompson/Nels Stewart/Dit Clapper /25

    #7 2008-09 ITG Superlative Franchise Famous Fabrics Playoff Condenders (1931-32 Finals) King Clancy/Ace Bailey/Hap Day/Joe Primeau/"Busher" Jackson/Charlie Conacher /9

    #6 2007-08 Trilogy Personal Scripts Sidney Crosby /25

    #5 2003-04 Trilogy Custom Script Gordie Howe

    #4 1999-00 UD Retro Inkredible Maurice Richard

    #3 2008-09 ITG Superlative Franchise Lumbergraphs Syl Apps 1/1

    #2 2007-08 Trilogy Personal Scripts Bobby Orr /25 (/10 according to Beckett)

    #1 2010-11 The Cup Scripted Sticks Wayne Gretzky /35

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