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    Here is one of my favorite sets which I was lucky enough to complete ( although not all emblems or number). I am not a fan of sticker autos but I still love the set...As there were only eight autograph versions, I added a couple of the non auto'd. All are #'d to ten and also slabbed which is why some appear dark....

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    In no order but these are my favs!


    Just started collecting last April!
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    Looking for low #d high end Vons!

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    Just started collecting LAST APRIL??? Way to twist the knife right in between my shoulder blades there hahahaaaa.
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    I've had to recently update my top 10, so now that it encompasses all four of my players, and with that the only ever produced Stumpel game used makes it into my top 10.

    Not in any particular order:

    Searching for: Jagr, Palffy, Stumpel, and Boyd
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    Also Looking for Upper Deck CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders Cards!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikedom91 View Post
    Here are my current favourite/top 10 cards.

    I'm partial to rookies and UD, and for the most part top 5 draft picks - my Cards reflect this. I think for the most part, at least recently, there's pretty strong correlation between draft position and impact in the league; however, there are exceptions to this. Also, I'm a sucker for the top rookies that are SP'd throughout all sets, i.e., /99. Anyway, I'll probably get a Seguin Cup ARP /99 soon enough (lost a few last second bids recently, so I'm bound to win eventually?lol). Once I get that, his Ice /99 and his ultimate RAP /25, this top 10 will turn into the Seguin Fanboy show.

    10. 4-way Split for ultimate RAP /25 patches (still searching for Seguin)

    9. These are probably my favourite cards; so simple, yet so valuable.

    8. Around the time he was traded to Ottawa, I saw one of his Cup ARPs /w a shoulder patch sell for $1000+ - so this sale was pretty influential on me. Also, I'm a pretty big fan of Turris and I think he has a lot of promise. I try to buy as much of his cards (the ones I like) as I can. Those first couple years in Phoenix were a shame, but I don't think that they are at all indicative of what kind of player he is; he's definitely a better player than a $10 SPA FWA. His tweets are pretty gay though!

    7. Just a nasty patch, had to get it. Truth be told, I haven't even received it ! (Just did the deal with Paul, and this, along with the 2 cards below, are in transit).

    6. I think I might over-value this card on the premise that I've only ever seen lame 1, and 2, colour patches. I might actually like these SPA FWAP's more than the HG; these just aren't as scarce though. I consider the spa fwap's as must haves!

    5. This guy's going to put up some big numbers. Bottom line, Tavares is a stud and an inevitable franchise player. Enough said. Guy does some pretty, half decent, jump squats too! There's always been a soft spot in my heart for #1 draft picks. I'm still after his Ice /99.

    4. My roommate and I play lots of NHL 13, and anyway, I secretly jacked up Duchene's stats (97 speed, 95 explosiveness, 90 +shooting) and this guy bails me out a lot, so I can't help but through this in. Not to mention it's 5 colours and an SPA FWAP /100, and he skates "faster than *u*k " and has some pretty slick hands.

    3. #Classy

    2. I've got offers on this card for $400 (it only books at $300), and I've turned them down. I think I might secretly have a bit of a crush on this guy, lol. (I'm not gay!...not that there's anything wrong with that though)

    1. Top dawg.

    And here are my crown jewels. I actually had my eyes on these cards (there was another, the pewter /5 or /10 version) for over a year and exhausted all my offers on them, with multiple messages, essentially begging, to get them for a better price - the seller was asking ~$200 each for them. These beauty's eventually were put up to bid, and I snagged them up for a combined $60 /w shipping included; which is totally ironic since my initial offer was twice this amount. Anyway, this guy has been my idol since I was a kid. I actually don't even play hockey; I play soccer at a decently high level (varsity for my uni); but I was highly influenced by his style of game.

    This highlight tribute video made me cry:

    Nobody else can do this /w such poise and dominance. He's genius.
    you should find the turris black mike! the set will be amazing bro..if I find it I let you know friend

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