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Thread: Need Help on this card

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinocollector View Post
    According to Beckett, they were a 1:12,175 packs hit
    Now it might be fun to make this set. Pretty hard to pull, wonder if they ever gonna list them in the beckett.

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    Nevermind, i'm a dufus, it is in the beckett. Thanks for all the help guys.

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    Yeah, I pulled the Randall Cobb one in my first box of Topps last year. I stupidly traded it for pretty much nothing. It was booked at $80 and haven't seen any since I traded it as part of a lot. I've seen the Mallett and a couple of others since been haven't been able to pull any again. If it's really a 1: 12000 pull and I traded it for what I did, I'm gonna cry for a bit lol.

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