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    Card Grading Question

    In all of the years I have been collecting, I have yet to send a card off for grading. When I was younger it was a fear of losing the card in the mail and now that im older I just don't think about it. I am now thinking about sending off a few cards for grading and had a question. Does anyone know how much of an impact the surface condition of a card makes in the grade? I have a couple of Topps Chrome cards that have a light scuff or two on the front, only seen when held up to a light. Will a scuff or two have a major impact on the grade? If so, I will save my money on these two. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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    Yes. A single minor scuff may lower the surface 1 point or less. A major scuff may take the grade down several points.
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    If it's a very rare and kickass card, it's worth grading even if it's a little messed up because it will still have value. It will help people who would otherwise be scared to buy it ungraded. There are a lot of people who want certain cards but can't afford hundreds for a 9+ and will gladly buy your 6-8 card. If the cards in question are <$100 mint and someone stepped on them then it's probably not worth sending to get graded.
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    Scuffs do make a huge difference especially with BGS.If grading for personal collection your good but for resale make sure it is something of value and or short printed.
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    Scuffs make a HUGE difference with BGS. I sent in my Randy Moss 98 Odyssey Hologold RC /150. I don't have the card in front of me so I don't have exact numbers, but if memory serves me correctly it got 9.5 on corners, 9.0 on centering, 9.0 on edges and 7.0 on surface. I was baffled by the surface grade and after holding it up at an angle to light I could see the slightest little scuff that was maybe 1/4 inch wide by 1/2 inch long that looked like it had been brushed by another card. If not for the low surface grade I don't think any normal person would even know the scuff was there. I owned the card for nearly 10 years (pulled it from the pack myself) and never knew it was scuffed.

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    Thanks for the responses everyone. The only card I would be sending off for possible resale is a rookie auto #ed to 5. It has 3 small scuffs that are barely visible when angled in a light. From the responses it sounds like I still need to send it in for grading. Thanks all!
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    If it's for your PC just send it in, who really cares. I have a few cards that cost me more to grade then they are worth lol. I just like to get my PC cards slabbed for preservational purposes.

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