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    Need some help with some 1/1 Values

    I have recently acquired a lot of football cards and, as I know very little about the marketplace and such, am hoping that someone out there can help me access some values to the following cards. Not looking for anything set in stone but I can't find much of any comparables for these cards out there so any information you can give me is appreciated - sorry folks but I am a dumb hockey guy and this stuff is out of my baileywick.

    Anyway - here are the cards -

    2010 Topps Supreme Football 1/1 Eight PATCH Booklet
    Jackson, Posluszny, Easley, Spiller, Edwards, Holmes, Tomlinson & McKnight

    2008 Exquisite Football Dual Logo Signatures 1/1 Henne & Booty

    Note: There is some damage in the upper left corner of the Henne side

    Thanks guys for any help you can give me - like I said, I am out of my element and couldn't find much in my searches.

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    Top card may break 100 bottom card you should do better on
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