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    I will pay anyone who can make this

    I was wondering if anyone could make print and ship to me a 8x10 photo of lenny moore, raymond berry, art donovan and gino marchetti.
    i want 4 different pics if one is black and white they all have to be.
    I want it so black or dark blue sharpie looks nice.
    I would like it to have baltimore colts,baltimore colts hallof fame,colts or somthing like that in the middle or at the top.
    Any thing like that will make me happy
    LMK if you know how and will do it and we will work out a price.

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    You have to give a little more info for this. Anyone can throw 4 cuts onto an 8x10.

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    i was going to put more details if i knew sombody would and could do it

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    Many of the members on this board are very skilled with photoshop and other art programs. say what you're looking for and I'm sure you'll get responses.

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