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    2012 SCF Basketball Secret Santa

    Welcome to the 2012 SCF BASKETBALL SECRET SANTA!

    What is Secret Santa?
    The basic concept of Secret Santa is simple. All of the participating membersí names are placed into a hat and mixed up. A separate list with all members' names is generated. The Secret Santa coordinator then chooses one name from the hat and writes that name next to the first name on the list. He/she is now responsible for buying a gift for the member selected. If the next name on the list is the same as the name drawn from the hat, another name is drawn and the original name goes back into the hat.

    Here are this year's rules, directly from the desk of Commissioner Stern (no complaining or I'll "T" you up):

    1. Sign up!!!
    2. $20 min - $30 max on 1-3 cards of Game used, Autos, Serial Numbered or Rookies.
    3. All cards should be mailed by December 17-21 (12/22 Final deadline).
    4. Going by sale values only (No BV).
    5. PLEASE..keep in mind..this is to be considered a CHRISTMAS present. This should be about giving, NOT receiving!
    6. There will be NO feedback left for these transactions. Once you're paired up with the other member it's up to you to send. Keep in mind though, if we hear back that you did NOT send.. there will be some serious repercussions for this as this is a CHRISTMAS thing. MSF Traders will not be allowed to participate. Sorry, you're on SCF Naughty List this year.
    7. Timeline will be as follows:
      NOW - Secret Santa thread posted
      11/16 - Secret Santa signups closed
      11/18 - PM sent to me with Finalized Wish List & Mailing address!!
      11/19 - Draw Names
      12/17-12/22 - Deadline to send cards (12/22 Absolute deadline)
      12/25 - Post the Secret Santa Show and Tell thread for you to show off your card!

    Once the Secret Santa event starts.... EVERYONE needs to PM me a more specific 'Wish list'. I will forward it onto YOUR Secret Santa. Keep in mind..your wish list is only a GUIDE. Some members may already have a gift in mind for you. Do not ask for something that you yourself aren't willing to buy...

    To sign up, just reply below. bdoody42 will run this year's Secret Santa. Bryce will be the point of contact through 12/22.

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    Thanks to my Secret Santa (BOBA) I got 2 of the sweetest cards...Here's what I got:

    THen this sweet JORDAN insert!!

    Thank you SO much bud!!


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    Looks like a bunch of nice things are turning up..... Happy a holidays everyone!!!

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    Got my Secret Santa stuff. Love it. Helping complete some of my sets.

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    I almost forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a special thanks to my secret santa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drtom2005 View Post
    Got my Secret Santa stuff. Love it. Helping complete some of my sets.

    Nice refractors you got there!!!

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    What did everyone else get? Only 5 of the 10 involved have posted so far.

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    Got mine in today! Ponyboy did awesome!!! Thanks man!

    Here is the main card! Sick card!

    He also sent all these extras!

    Thanks again man!!!!

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    Hope you like'em...sorry so late again bud. Should've checked where card was coming FROM first..LOL


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