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    WWE Want List looking to B/T refractors, xfractors & 2011 Gold

    Made a new more inclusive thread :)
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    Hey man hope u can find wut u need here this is great site welcome
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    Quote Originally Posted by snf_sportscollect View Post
    Hey man hope u can find wut u need here this is great site welcome
    Thanks :)

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    i have the following 2007 WWE Topps Heritage Chrome II Refractors

    7,5,3,54,65,76,92,98,53,17,80,89,36. what do you have for trade
    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    I guess so :), After you told me about this site I decided to join up and see if anyone here has some cards I need :).

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    i think i have 3-4 of the xfractors and maybe 1-2 of the refractors.ill have to check you have any fractors to trade? i need many from the sets and torrie wilson refractor from the first to finish my set.
    i respond to pm's faster then threads

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    I have the Torrie Wilson, as well as a bunch of others :)

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    Added some new sets I am working on also to the list :)
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