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Thread: MMA and Misc. Autographs.

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    MMA and Misc. Autographs.

    Here are some autographs I have collected over the years.The Boxing and Misc autographs were obtained in 2003 and the MMA autographs were obtained in the last 4 years.Below is a link.Check it out!

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    I just changed the link and posted it, it might work now

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    Yeah man I just tried it again and i get this....
    We're sorry, we cannot find the page you requested.

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    Link works now. Nice stuff. The guy with Mike Tyson is Ahmed Johnson who used to wrestle in the WWE.

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    Thanks James for telling me who the guy was with Tyson.This photo was found in a box of other things inside one of Tyson's old homes.I bought it off the person who found it cause I thought it was pretty cool.It's obviously an older picture (pre Face Tattoo)

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    Nice photos! I like the "Hitman" Hearns photo. Where was it obtained?

    Are you trading or selling? CMB for anything you may be interested in for the Hearns photo please.

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    My uncle got the Hearns autograph for me when he went and saw him fight in 2000 in Detroit.I looked at your bucket,are your signed pictures 8x10 size? I'd be interested in the Nogueira and Bigfoot Silva.Let me know.

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    i would be interested in trading for the round 5 series figures you have, also perhaps a carwin and coture autograph picture

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