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    up to date, still need these to finish off this product.

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    still looking for some Oshie needs from Certified. one is #d/299
    also, check out my full Oshie needs list. just updated it.

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    anyone break more of this product? wanting to add a few more of these Oshie needs

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    needs for this product up to date and i still need these:

    2012-13 Certified Fabrics of the Game Mirror Black Tag #34 #d/1
    2012-13 Certified Mirror Black #47 #d/1
    2012-13 Certified Mirror Emerald #47 #d/5
    2012-13 Certified Mirror Ice Tag #47 #d/1
    2012-13 Certified Path to the Cup Semifinals Dual Prime Oshie/Quick #4 #d/10

    Also, please check out my full needs list. Paying Top Dollar for any past seasons needs.

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