I am looking for Rare National Treasures cards for a friend of mine. Looking for all years and REALLY LOOKING FOR NFL SHIELDS AND NBA LOGOMAN. He can buy and trade if you have something he needs. He has without a doubt the best NT collection I have ever seen in both football and basketball. I guess that happens when you open OVER 200 boxes of NT. He knows his stuff and is very reasonable in negotiating prices and he knows what the cards are worth that he wants. Just saying this bc he will not expect you to sell a logoman or a nfl shield to him for $50 being the best he can do on these cards. He would prefer to buy rather than trade bc he barely sells or trades any of his cards unless its for something HE REALLY NEEDS. If you have any rare NT cards that your willing to get rid of, then send me a list of what you have and a ballpark price your asking for it. Thx for your time, Jody