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    Looking to trade or sell a Marvin Miller Auto

    Looking to sell or trade this Marvin Miller auto. Believe book is 70.
    It is a 2005 Topps Fan Favorites Auto, with sticker on back. Signed right on the card.

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    Btw, if anyones wondering he was baseballs Executive Director from 1966-1983. These are actually pretty rare.

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    This is a very nice and rare cald. Really need some $$$.

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    Take a look at my tradelist. For some unexplained reason I'm interested.

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    I would highly doubt this dropped 20. It was this just last week, and cards like this dont drop. If it only books 50, ill just sell it on ebay.

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    I'm not feeding you a line at all. I just looked on BOPG.

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    W/e. Didnt see anything I wanted. Really want to sell this, and not trade.

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