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    2012 Topps Chrome Football Racks/Blasters/Packs

    2012 Topps Chrome Football Racks/Blasters/Packs

    posting just the best stuff mainly, everything on the bay
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    Good pulls with those Lucks. You'll easily get your money plus.
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    Didn't realize Chrome was already out! I've got 2 boxes on pre-order. Also didn't realize they were doing non-auto jersey cards this year. Nice Luck's!

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    chrome is out friday the 9th, but this is retail that he busted. It should be at all wallys and Targets this week. I will have to run over to wally at lunch.

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    Wally is calling my name as well. I know it was slated for the 7th but the LCS here, he always seems to get it a day or up to 3 days early then anyone else. How I have no clue lol

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    couple more
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    few more.....
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