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Thread: 4 boxes of topps chrome

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    4 boxes of topps chrome

    LCS got them in early today. Did pretty well out of the 4.

    Hits -
    Mark Barron Prisim Ref redemption
    Stephen Hill 57 topps reprint auto redemption
    Stephen Hill Ref Auto redemption
    Kendall Wright Camo auto

    RC's you name it and I have them.

    1 Rg3
    Luck x4 2 base one is the 57 reprint other is red zone die cut.
    Richardson and so on. the hits will hit ebay. I have another 5 boxes that I am undecided to do with bust or sell cause if it does like last year, then we are talking 135 a box.

    Opened one more box this morning. Got another Rg3 rookie and Luck rookie. My hit was nice
    Doug Martin Sp Variation Auto. Card is on ebay.
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    LMK what you have from this year's along with anything of JJ Watt and Arian Foster.
    I am looking for GU'd, RCs and Autos of: JJ WATT, Kawhi Leonard, Other Current and Spur Legends, Carlos Correa, Jose Altulve, Alex Bregman, Panini Points...
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    barron and both hill's have been sold. Lucks been sold and Martin is pending.

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