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Thread: Top 5 Players In The NHL

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    Top 5 Players In The NHL

    So as we all know the lockout is currently in position. I kinda wanted to brighten things up with a fun debate. This debate is who you think the top 5 players are that are currently in the NHL. This meaning Gretzky does not count as I believe most of us would say he is #1. Here is my list, please do put your own and reasoning why.

    1. Crosby
    2. Stamkos
    3. Malkin
    4. Datsyuk
    5. Tavares

    My reasoning for this order would have to be because, well first of all, Crosby. Crosby has got to be one of the most talented player to play the game. I believe many players may let this get to their head and not play as a team player, in my opinion. However Crosby is not one of those yet he can net a lot. He also is a master a playing the game in his head.
    Stamkos is a scoring machine. Enough said, but there is more to it. Although I have not watched him play a lot I was quite impressed to see his stats at his young age. He is very mature in the game for his age.
    Malkin carried Pittsburgh on his back as Crosby was injured and really proved that he could step up his game and be a leader. Not to mention he came first in the league with points.
    Datsyuk, some would reason he is underrated and some would beg the differ. This really doesn't matter, we all know he is a great player. I would have to argue that he has the best hands in the entire world. His control with the puck is tremendous. I once was watching him play and the T.V. turned off for about 10 seconds. Before it had turned on Datsyuk was in the opponent's zone one the right side of the ice approaching the left behind the net with about three guys on him. Once I turned the T.V. back on he had been behind the net at the left side of the ice, still with the puck. This impressed me quite a lot.
    Tavares is not a very noticed player, his +/- is not very impressive. He is on a team that could use some improvement. I think this leads many people to believe that he is not the best player. With this he may be the most underrated player in the NHL. Being on a rather not too impressive team is not easy, especially at his age. The point is whenever I watch him he puts up quite the fight. I see players get frustrated with him because he is always ion your face getting the puck. He is hungry, which is hard to fight against. Not only this but he came 8th in the league this year with 81 points.

    This is my reasoning, I hope you guys enjoyed and remember to post your opinion.

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    1. Crosby (Best player when healthy hands down)
    2. Malkin (Carried team without Crosby or support last year)
    3. Stamkos (Goal scoring machine although am scared what happens when St. Louis retires)
    4. Ovechkin (Despite struggles, still capable of turning it on)
    5. Giroux (Seems to have finally found space in PHI)

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    In no specific order, Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, Malkin, Giroux
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    Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos (in that order) would be the top 3 IMO.

    Who #s 4 and 5 are is a little tougher. I quite like the OP's picks (Datsyuk, Tavares) and really the only other names I'd suggest would be Ovechkin, Giroux, or Towes. I suppose the Sedins should also be in the conversation, and Ilya Kovalchuk too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HockeyCardMan View Post
    no one has an opinion?
    It's been done 5 times a year for the last 10 years on here.

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    It was kinda a rhetorical question, didn't expect an answer. But ok. I got some opinions so it's fine. Just looking to have some fun.

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    No way Tavares should be ahead of Toews on any list...he may be a better natural scorer, but Toews can score, skate, hit, play D, and win faceoffs. The only player with better two-way ability is Datsyuk. Crosby may have scored the golden goal, but Toews was the best player on that deep Olympic team.

    Ovechkin would have topped this list a few years back, but he's got to prove himself again before he's even a top-10 player.

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    Karlsson, Weber, Chara, Doughty, Letang...O-o
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