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    8 Box Superlative break with scans...Great product!

    hey guys, got my 10 box case today, sold 2 boxes (guy hit monogran Dipietro 1/1 and superlative player Roy 1/4 crazy quad patch i think) and i cracked the rest. Wish i was able to crack it at the show, but i need to stay home for business. If superlative keeps a similar checklist next year with the print runs how they are, If business and lifes keeps going well i might try and grab 5 cases and crack em at the itg booth next year, a man can dream lol. heres my breaks...

    Lidstrom and Belfour are /9 and the Espo and Fedorov are /6

    Howe is /15 Ovie and Sakic /20

    Messier is /2, Lafontaine is /9, and Kurri is Onyx 1/1

    Messier and Jagr are /20, emblems and number autos are /9, Kessler is gold /10

    Raised to the rafters are both gold 1/1, Brodeur is 1/1, rest are /9

    And my special inserts...hit a lace, too bad it wasn't anyone i wanted, but i can't complain.

    Lace is /4, Belfour is gold 1/1, quad habs patch is gold 1/1, Sakic stick is gold (SOLD).

    Overall loved cracking this product. Only thing they should cut out the book, extra weight and likely an extra 10$ in packaging they don't really need. Makes it tough to take 5 cases on a train to the show lol. Keeping all silver autos including the mem plus auto cards, everything else is for sale or for trade only for other superlative cards i need. Going for the silver autothreads, base autos, all auto jerseys, auto plus, and the young star emblem and number autos. Thanks for the look!

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    sick break man! Can't wait to see them in person when you bring them to Chris!
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    Awesome break! Tons of hof ! Pm me a price on the skate lace, very interested!
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the skate lace cards reach 400-500$ when they pop up, for some of the bigger guys in the subset anyways..the Gold Barilko and M Richard would be awesome to pull!

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    This is what a high-end product should be. I have yet to see a box that doesn't deliver. Kudos to Dr. Price and ITG. Awesome break as well.

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    that is completely crazy. stellar habs and Selanne hits
    I've been following breaks for the past 2 years only, but this is by far the most impressed I've been

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    I love the colour scheme on this product. Looking very solid. Just wish I could afford a box instead of having to pick up singles

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