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Thread: Religion and the law

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    Religion and the law

    we know some religions and their writings say homosexuality is against the ways of God, but we also know you have to follow the laws of society, so if gay marriage is legal should churches not marry them? if we are to really separate religion and government should religions get a pass on laws? should prisoners be allowed special rights that are based in religion? should anyone get special rights do to religion?
    i am not talking about taking away religious freedoms, but separating them from the law.
    your religion is yours to practice on your own, but when it comes to society you have to follow the laws of the land.

    any thoughts?

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    No churches do not have to marry gay people. This is what most conservatives do not understand about the issue. Marriage is legally defined in our laws in this country with respect to benefits to the spouses. The legal spouse gets to make life and death decisions. Marriage gets people a tax credit. It goes on and on. This is not an attack on religious people's beliefs. It is about fairness to a segment of the population. Remember the Constitution was designed to protect the minority. If you protect the minority, the majority's rights will be respect also.

    Prisoners give up rights when convicted. I do not know the answer to that one.

    As for practicing any religion, let people do what they want as long as they do not infringe on others rights.
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    My position on the gay marriage issue is that the Christian church ought not be marrying gay people. As for the state-sanctioned institution of marriage, I don't really care. I would let the people of the states decide. The feds should repeal the DOMA and take the position that if a person is married in any state, they are married for federal purposes.

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    drtom, never said they did have to, I said they should. i also know everyone doesn't get married at church and the church can turn away who they want to, but f they can obtain a legal license to marry, they should be uphold the laws and marry anyone who is wants to marry in their church.

    you think prisoners give up their rights, but they are allowed religious rights, such as religious text, which we provide, and even special meals based on their religion, among other things.

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    A marriage in a church is only a religious ceremony and is not legal until sanctioned by the state. Religious institutions are free to perform whatever ceremonies they like within the law. If the do not want to perform a particular ceremony they do not have to. The state however has no business dictating religion and should not and cannot not discriminate on performing their duties based on sexual orientation. Bottom line let the state do what they do and if God has a problem let him do his job and judge those who offended him accordingly.
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    veggie, i can somewhat agree with your logic on the church and marriages.

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