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    Any interest in this? It's a chrome rc refractor

    $13 dlvd! And I also toss in a finest stafford rc

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    Hey guys, appreciate all the offers so far, I'll be pm'ing you guys in the next few days, thnx!

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    I've got this, I could do $5 DLVD, lmk. Thanks.

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    Just an update, I added a 'Stafford Tracker' on my "My Collection Info" page so people can see if I have a card or not before they make an offer:

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    10 topps
    12 prestige
    12 bowman
    12 topps prime
    09 sage base
    09 sage srandoutw stafford/sqnchez
    09 sage teamates stafford/moreno
    09 topps magic alumni stafford/moreno
    09 bowman rookie allstar
    09 prstige
    09 bowman

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    If you want to trade, I have a bunch of Stafford. What exactly is the Darvish topps red card, Is that a 1/1? What kind of book value or trade value are you looking for it. Pm me thanks.
    R.I.P Casey Howell, my brother and best friend.

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    I will see what I have. It will take a few days.

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    Sent some PM's if I haven't pm'd you yet then I WILL eventually get back to you, just purchased a Stafford auto a few days ago and bidding on 2 mid-end Scherzers right now, so I might have to slow down for a couple weeks, but I WILL eventually PM you guys, thank you btw!

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