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    Need recommendation for a 1991-1992 hockey set

    I'm merely looking to get a box for TTM, though I'm not sure which box I should get Score, Proset, Topps, O Pee Chee? Does anyone here have any recommendations?

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    I like Pinnacle or Score US, although UD has some nice rookies (Selanne, Lidstrom, Forsberg, Hasek, Yashin, Kovalev, etc...)
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    I would go to a site like and take a look at the base cards from the sets to see which would look best signed. My choice would probably be Upper Deck, based on the design and some of the cool subsets, such as Art Card Checklists, and Canada Cup cards.
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    Pro Set looks pretty awful that year (1990-91 Pro Set, IMO, looked great - the other years, not so much).

    Score's set that year is pretty large, it wouldn't be a bad choice.

    OPC, I think you'll be dissapointed with. Not a bad looking set.... but the autos won't look as nice on this one as others.

    Pinnacle is probably the best looking set that was available that year - but the cards are very glossy, so not sure how good they'd be for autos.

    Upper Deck, IMO, would be your best bet. You should be able to get an entire set for about $25, maybe $30. Clean design, a lot of white on the cards, not too much gloss. Those would be the best ones for signing.
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    I'd also go with UD.
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    How many TTM are you planning to send dude? Box isn't the best way to go for those imo, might not get the players you wanna send it to. Go on eBay and search 1991 complete set under hockey cards. There's are complete base sets on sale with bidding starting at $1.:

    What I would do if I were you though is to go on You can get any base card for 18 cents usually. Just search 1991 under hockey. Obviously nice thing about that is that you can pick cards from different sets. The one I like the most in terms of design from then is O-Pee-Chee and Topps (also shows more career stats I think). To save on shipping since the cards are sold by different sellers and each charges separately, I'd recommend getting most of your cards from cttcdork or marblesx or barriere because those users all have a tonne of cards so you can just find one for each player you want by ordering from one of them. They have a greater variety there than COMC and the average cost per card including shipping should be less than 30 cents assuming it's a large order and you don't order them from more than 2 or 3 different sellers. Let us know how the TTM's go if you send them.

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    Thanks for all the input, I might check out COMC, and I think I will go with UD since I do want plenty of white background, I still might buy a box since its cheap on ebay and just like the 1990 Proset Football I bought for TTM, half od it went out on TTM and I bought an extra box and completed the set.

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    I would not get Upper Deck if your are going to get them signed because of the UV coating ( very good chance your autos will be faded over time )

    Score or OPC would be best IMHO

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    The two best sets for 91-92 Hockey are as follows:

    UD Czech, has every junior Rookie card of some guys whom UD and other companies said weren't rookies until a few years later.

    Parkhurst French - Harder to find Rookies of Lidstrom, Tkachuk, Niedermayer, Konstantinov.

    Upper Deck main issue is far too common and there were around 200,000 cases printed of the stuff.

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    Well decided to give SportLots a try and I love it, for around $11.00DLVD I was able to pick up 42 Score and Topps cards and ALL of them will be going out for TTM's, I love it!!!

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