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    A Sedin rainbow finally complete after over 8 years

    Just over 8 years ago, Ms. SedinFan and I got married - at the time online collecting wasn't nearly as easy as you kids have it these days... most ebay auctions were still settled with good ol' cheques / money orders, requiring many trips to the bank to exchange currencies, trips to the post office to mail out said cheques / money orders, etc. So, I took a break from the hobby for a few months to focus on the wedding / honeymoon planning, figuring it'd be a piece of cake to catch up on my Sedin collection afterwards - little did I realize what an adventure it would be. Over the years I gradually tracked down most of the cards I missed from that year, with just two remaining recently... in an incredible show of generosity vic1632 parted with an 03-04 MVP Gold x/25 Daniel Sedin from his PC which cut my wantlist down to just one, and finally I managed to track it down when another Sedin collector put some of his stuff up on the 'bay. After all these years, I'm so happy to have finally completed every single Sedin card from the 03-04 season (there were no Sedin 1/1's that year)... here it is, including the OPC Henrik Red x/100 which was the last card, my newly completed rainbow!

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    Awesome rainbow. Congratulations on completing it. I have been looking for two Topps Blue parallels forever (Poti and Holik), so I can't imagine how hard it must have been to find the Reds and the Golds, especially of star players like the Sedins.
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    Oh yes...I hate those sets, very difficult to complete (I still need the impossible to find Topps Gold /50 for my PC to complete the rainbow, to tell the truth I'm also missing Topps Red /100...just tells clearly how difficult those card are to find)

    Just strange that mostly of earlt 00's and of course 90's parallels are more difficult to find than a /5 card (had no problem to hoard 3 cards from a /5 card of same player, meanwhile I has never seen some /100 or /150 prallels of my PC-players even in 10 years....

    It's always a huge feat to complete a rainbow of a older parallels or something....
    So I'm sure that you're quite happy right now!

    I knows because I also recently finally completed a 12-years long rainbow!
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