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    Few Chrome Rack Packs and all I got was this Red Refractor......

    I'm really liking this Chrome stuff, yesterday bought a few blasters and pulled a Tannehill 1984 Die-Cut Prism Refractor 50/50.
    So today I thought I'd try some rack packs to get some Orange Refractors.
    I got 4 different Luck's! Base, 1957, 1984 and Orange Refactor.
    Here's a link to my FT/FS thread:
    Going through a pack and I see what I thought was a Pink turned into a Red.

    Brandon Weeden Red Refractor 21/25! (saw a guy just pulled a Tannehill on here today too)

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    Congrats on the incredible retail hit! It's killing me watching all this Chrome get busted. :p
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    great pull on the weeden
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    cowboys site that is also for trade
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