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    Talking UFC box breaks continue to impress me!

    These days it seems like I can't go wrong with UFC cards. If only I had this kind of luck when I busted Football! Anyway, picked up another 2010 Topps Round 4/2011 Topps Moment of Truth combo deal as well as a box of 2011 Finest and they came in yesterday and I had to bust them all last night. Delayed gratification is not a strength of mine.

    I'll list them in the order I busted them, starting with the 2010 Topps Round 4:

    1st Auto /88 for John Hathaway. Not too shabby.

    First one of the nicknames cards I've gotten. They must be fairly rare. Don't see a lot on ebay either.

    Could have done without another Matt Hamill auto, but all in all a decent box.

    On to the Moment of Truth!

    The Filipino Wrecking Machine! Well, until he got wrecked by Chris Weidman. Good guy, hope he bounces back from that loss.

    Plain looking relics but I'll never complain about pulling GSP. Can't wait to see this guy back in action on the 17th!

    Can never feel bad about pulling this Hall of Famer either!
    Also got a Ruby base of Amir Sadollah, a gold base of Daniel Cormier, a Onyx base of Gleison Tibau, and a Cain Velasquez varation base (Velasquez vs. Lesnar).
    Nothing outstanding but another solid box in my opinion.

    And it turns out I saved the best for last with the 2011 Finest! As I started to open these I was a little upset b/c of how badly some of the packs were bowed. I know this is pretty typical of this card technology but a few packs were worse than usual. Thankfully the hits were all in good shape and I've never been so happy to get a redemption!

    Shane Carwin! PC hit for me! Now I don't have to try to snag one of these off of ebay.

    Now for the big hits!

    BJ "The Prodigy" Penn! That relic is nasty, looks like it got some use before they cut it up for this card. If this wasn't good enough the other mini-box was even better!!

    So ecstatic about this redemption and I checked to see that the card actually exists!! Can't wait for this one to come in.

    So I think it's safe to say I killed it on the box of 2011 Finest, especially at the prices this stuff has come down to. It's going to be hard not to buy more when I should be saving for Bloodlines and 2013KO.

    Everything is FS/FT except for the Shane Carwin auto and the Silva/Sonnen dual auto.

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    Not sure, wish I had more to go off of. Only one up on ebay right now for $89.99 buyout and didn't see any in the history. I guess make me an offer and we'll go from there.

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    Would be interested in the Stout nickname and the gsp/hardy relic. Lmk if you got any other gsp, stout or hominick. Please check my bucket

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    Sorry man, that cards going straight into my PC when it comes in.

    Quote Originally Posted by hudda123 View Post
    Please CMB for the Sonnen/Silva or PM me a price. Thanks!

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    Which set is the ruby Sadollah from? I may need it, thanks!
    Hidden Content

    Rohan Davey PC 230/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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    Just base of Cruz. I'll look at your bucket for the Chuck relic.

    Quote Originally Posted by frizzzlecake View Post
    Any Cruz? I could use the Chuck relic.

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    Sounds good. Don't think I have any more GSP, Stout, or Hominick for trade, but I'll check your bucket.

    Quote Originally Posted by le_buffalo_bill View Post
    Would be interested in the Stout nickname and the gsp/hardy relic. Lmk if you got any other gsp, stout or hominick. Please check my bucket

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