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    The Official Reggie Bush buying thread!!!!

    Looking to add more to my Reggie Bush PC, if I ever expect to become a supercollector I'll need to add ALOT more cards to my collection. Mainly I'm looking to buy autos, patches, low #d cards, refractors (Topps Chrome, any year, and 2012 Finest are a plus) and low #d RCs. I'm interested in inserts as well but higher end cards come first. I'm not buying any base currently. Please post a scan and a price for what you are selling.

    Also need the following TRUE RCs:

    Bowman #111
    Bowman Chrome #223
    Bowman Sterling #RB1 Jsy
    Donruss Classics #123 /599
    Donruss Elite #204 /599
    Donruss Gridiron Gear #222 Jsy /50
    Donruss Threads #250 AU /100
    Exquisite Collection Jsy Au /99
    Finest #151 Au /199
    Flair Showcase #232
    Hot Prospects #194 Au /175
    LCM #210 Jsy /550
    Leaf Limited #252 Jsy Au /100
    Leaf R&S #273 Jsy Au /99
    Playoff Contenders #182 Au
    National Treasures #143 Auto Jersey /99
    Playoff Prestige #231
    Sp Authentic #252 Auto Jersey /299
    SPX #187 Auto Jersey /399
    Select #360
    Sweet Spot #205 Auto /199
    Topps #359A (Topps Logo in Upper Left)
    Topps #359B (Topps Logo in Upper Right)
    Topps Chrome #221
    Topps Draft Picks and Prospects #167 Auto /199
    Topps Heritage #312 SP
    Topps Triple Threads #103 Auto Jersey /99
    Ultimate Collection #206 Auto /99
    Ultra #203 Lucky 13 /500
    Upper Deck #219
    Upper Deck Legends #184 /750
    Upper Deck Rookie Debut #251 Auto /25
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    Collecting Patrick Peterson

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    I have a 2012 topps chrome xfractor. lmk if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayAreaJavy View Post
    I have a 2012 topps chrome xfractor. lmk if interested.
    I do need it pm me with your price
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    I've got this if you need it. It's serially #d/25. PM.
    I collect Tyrell Jenkins and all things related to Disney World.
    I only ship to the USA. I don't accept cash TTM.
    I charge exact shipping on top of my asking prices.

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    I have his sweet spot rookie auto. Cmb.

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    Pm coming to both
    Collecting Patrick Peterson

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    I have these for sale, 25% of book plus shipping. Please lmk if you can use anything, thanks

    bowman 111
    bowman chrome 223
    etopps event series national vip promos #lb bush/leinart
    fleer 183
    flair showcase wave of the future
    playoff nfl playoffs 71 (2)
    prestige 231
    sage hit #5 (3)
    topps 359 (5)
    topps special edition rookie 359
    topps chrome 221
    topps chrome special edition rookie 221
    topps draft picks and prospects 167 (2)
    topps sports illustrated for kids si22 (4)
    topps total green 526 (3)
    topps turkey red 192

    hit 25
    playoff nfl playoffs preview bonus blue b1 serial #139/600
    playoff nfl playoffs preview bonus red #b-1 (3)
    press pass sophomore sensations 99
    prestige hawaii #3
    topps 432
    upper deck 119

    upper deck draft edition alumni association #210 leinart/bush

    topps chrome refrctor tc92
    topps chrome copper refractor tc92
    topps platinum 41

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    Have the following for $75 dlvd (also have a 2011Certified Mirror 2/5for free if you take the lot)



    True RC (have 2)
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    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Sadly, I'm done with this hobby.

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    PMs coming
    Collecting Patrick Peterson

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