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    Looking to trade Fran Tarkenton Jersey Card in Giants Uni!

    Hello everyone. Looking to trade the Fran Tarkenton 2002 Donruss Classics jersey card 109/250. I was told this books 50?? Dont know if thats right, havent had a chance to look. I would like to get a Tarkenton in a Vikings uni if possible. That or Nice Cris Carter, or Robert Smith cards.

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    Now you know this doesn't belong in the Football Card Forum, I'm moving it to the trading forum.

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    Oops! Sorry Rick. I thought I put it in the trading one. Thanks for moving it.

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    Sure. Have you got anything new lately so I can trade you this Alan Page autograph I still have ?

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    Well, Donruss says my Andre Dawson Quad Auto Patch thing /25 is coming back this week. Maybe we can work a deal when it gets back. Took em like 7 months, but its almost here! Lol.

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    Andrew Dawson *cringe*

    ANDRE, Alex, ANDRE....come on man, the Hawk was a beast. He should be in the HOF, lol!

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    Lol. Ya, I changed it. I read it, and I was like. WOOPS. I was thinking of my brother. Still thinking of my brother. He Broke our Ps2!!! Lol. So his making me angry got me confused.

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    Ill let ya know when it comes in. Hopefully its as nice as the one I sent in, lol. I believe it was from like 05 Absolute Baseball. It was a really sweet card. They mailed me last Friday I believe, that it would be here within the next two weeks. In my experience with UD, I get it the next day, or in 2 days. Dont know about Donruss. I mean, it took them 7 months for replacement. Lol.

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