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    My entire Ronnie Brown Collection video

    Hey guys not sure why but decided to make a little video of all my Ronnie Brown Gu, patches, and autos.
    Have 3 separate videos. Didn't really have time or money lately to do much with cards so nothing new or anything but lmk what you guys think. Also have my Aaron Rodgers collection up on my youtube as well.. (Footballcardolly)

    Well over 100 gu/autos

    Thanks for looking

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    Nice collection! Really like the Rodgers!

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    Thanks man. Appreciate the look. Realized I had 2 more GU of Rodgers after the fact but that's ok.

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    Nice stuff. Always loved the guy. My favorite card of his is a triple auto w/ him benson and caddy out of exquisite.

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