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    Rather buy more than 1 at once at least 10 at a time... low end stuff but big names and not opposed...

    looking to build up a bunch for my own collection i like to have a bunch of hits each year low end and hopefully 4 years from now i can hit on some :)

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    Who you looking for other than the obvious (Luck, RG3, Martin, Richardson) ??
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
    LF Good Stuff of: MIGGY, R. Wilson, Peyton, Durant, R. Westbrook, LeBron, Jordan, Kobe,
    Curry, Chipper, Trout, Harper
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    um, lower than those guys man... if you have a list or a bucket link i'd like to see it,,, stuff I can get cheaper... no big names ! already have what i need from them

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    hey cody ill take a pm price on:

    broyles, pierce, osweiler, broyles, wilson, hillman, rgiii, givens, randle, as a lot

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