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    Buying vintage collectables toys coins comics beer auto magazines sports stuff


    sports memorabilia
    old toys
    beer items
    old magazines 70's and older ( no porn)
    antiques ( smalls )
    old car logos
    ephemera ( old paper stuff )
    us military stuff

    very serious collector I have dealt with many of you already

    just about anything

    the older the better

    send pm or call 443 987 8708 my name is greg

    if u are in maryland I can pay cash otherwise payment paypal

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    Greg, most of them are from Burger King, and they are the movie theme toys ( spiderman, finding nemo, stuff like that, also have the madam alexandar dolls, the dolls from Space Jam, and alot of other ones, I think there is even a few old Star Wars figures in the box. I also have a ton of McFarlane sportsfigures i'm looking to move and a few hot wheels from early 2000's . I'll try and get you some pictures .

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    Greg, I also think I have an old spinning reel , and a few other older things, plus i have some really nice older Disney collector pins from when i was there in 1998 and 2000. the pins are really nice.

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    All the old toys except for the Space Jam and Madame Alexander dolls, i would do for around $3 each , the later we would have to agree to a reasonable price. The other toy like the star wars and other things maybe $5 each , also have some older hot wheels and johnny lightening cars and figures . I also have a ton of McFarlane figures i'm looking to get rid of. and sorry for the late response but im been working 12 hr days the last few days.

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