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    trade list - autos jsys low-high end

    Looking for lots of stuff, will check lists or buckets. My bucket is not updated, but have pics of most or have them coming


    james lofton 2011 totally certified auto 5/5
    randall cobb spa 3 color patch auto
    alshon jeffery topps prime ftbl jsy jsy patch auto 7/15
    matt forte exquisite 3 color patch auto rc vhtg
    forte sayers 08 sp threads dual auto /99 htg
    alshon jeffery 2012 inception 3 color patch auto vhtg
    colin Kaepernick contenders auto
    ryan broyles finest jsy auto /1500
    william perry 2011ud legends auto with fridge inscription htg
    Julio Jones topps prime quad jsy auto
    Demarco Murray spa 2 color patch auto
    Brandon Marshall topps chrome auto htg

    Patches Jsys

    sid luckman FOG 2 color patch 1/10 htg
    ronnie hillman R@S longevity jsy
    Ronnie hillman R@S longevity 3 color patch /49
    osweiler R@S longevity jsy
    shea mcclellin 2012 prestige nfl draft jsy

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    what would you want for this?

    randall cobb spa 3 color patch auto

    I have plenty of stuff not listed so looking for some players,etc. from you and I can check.

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    Bears hofers, other hofers, aj green autos, julio jones autos and some other stuff, just looking for something that sells around 35-40 on that one, nothing too specific.

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    hmmm.i dont have any of those players, and no bears, sorry, thanks for trying though.

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    I'm interested in the Forte Sayers Auto, I have AJ Green in my PC of my bucket

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    Interested in the Hillman tri-color patch... please CMB. Thanks.
    Very Much ANTI-Blowoutcards Forums...

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    JMessick86- sorry, like the contenders and pullout some, but wouldnt move the dual towards them, thanks though
    usafshelland- like the urlacher 3 color patch

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