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    Looking for 96 Topps Chrome Retro #25 - Hostetler!!! If you have it, let me know!

    I have a thread over in the buying/selling forum, but thought it couldn't hurt to post one on here as well! I am being driven insane trying to find this one card to complete my 96 chrome set:

    1996 TOPPS CHROME 40th ANNIVERSARY RETRO #25 - Jeff Hostetler (1980 card style)

    My offer of $15 dlvd for the card will stand until I pick one up, but I am also willing to trade GREATLY in your favor for anyone that can track this one down (thinking around $30 BV should make it worth someone's time and effort). If you have it, please let me know, as this is the last measly little low BV card that I need for ALL of my chrome sets (everything else I need is a serial numbered RC from 2000-2001). It's a good thing I have 2012 to start working on this upcoming week!

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