Throw out a price for any card and most likely i will accept please try to do some lots for me i am desperate guys my white whale is FINALLY found and i need the paypal. Buy lots and the cards will be even cheaper then they already are.

03-04 Topps Pristine Rookie Refractor Mello BGS 9.5 Serial Numebred to 1999 last sold on ebay for 39.99
03-04 UD Rookie Exclusive Rc Labron James
03-04 UD Rookie Exclusive Rc Dwyane Wade
03-04 UD Glass Plexi-glass Tim Duncan
03-04 Upper Deck Black Diamond GJ Gold Elton Brand #/100
03-04 Topps Pristine NBA Rookie Challenge GU Gilbert Arenas
02-03 Fleer Platinum Portrait GJ Kevin Garnett BV$25
02-03 Topps Pristine Gold Die-cut Refractor Paul Pierce #/99
02-03 Fleer Premium Elton Brand Prime Time game jersey
04-05 Topps Pristine Rc Andre Iguodala
05 Topps Andrew Bogut RC
99 Black Diamond Diamond Futures Dirk Nowitzki RC
04 SPX Winning Materials Tim Duncan
05 Topps Chrome Emeka Okafur RC
04 Topps Chrome Chris Bosh RC
05 Gerald Green UD Rookie Slam Card
05 John Petro UD Rookie Slam Card
05 Monta Ellis UD Rookie Slam Card
05 Seand May Rookie Slam Card
05 Channing Frye UD Rookie Slam Card
05 Ike Diogu UD Rookie Slam Card