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    Post Blast from the past football top 10 list from early 1997

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    id still take any of the cards on that list (i own 4 of them)
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    i have all those cards....i remember when 1992 bowman first came out
    emmitt smith was worth almost 200 back then
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    I think I may have one or two of them. Some legends on there for sure.
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    I have exactly zero of those haha. I've had them all on my want list for years but have never pulled the trigger, not sure why. lol

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    I love these posts, keep them coming! btw I have 5 of those.
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing that.
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    Have 9 of the 10 as didn't need the Favre second year. Ahh the flashbacks!

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    wow, I picked up one of those Brunell's for like 50 cents in a comc port sale

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