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    is anyone doing a "secret santa" on SCF this year?

    In the past years i have participated in a highend SS here, but i can find a thread about it anywhere. is anyone running one?

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    I did one a few years ago and used to run them on Beckett I may do one have to check the rules again.
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    That'd be neat to do something like that. I've never participated in one on a forum. Hopefully someone will start one.

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    i would love to participate if one gets going
    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    I have linked Roger to this thread. Will have some input for you soon.

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    Just a few guidelines.

    1. Any member who wishes to run a Secret Santa must be in good standing with no tags that restrict trading (no MSF or No Trades/Buy/Sell tags), must not have recently gotten an infraction for a bad trade, must not have any recent negative feedback, and must not have any disputes currently open against them.

    2. Anyone who wishes to participate must meet these same guidelines.

    3. The person running the SS must contact a mod in that sport forum and ask them to help (football mod for a football SS, baseball mod for a baseball SS, etc.) so that the mod can be aware of it and help monitor the thread for people who do not meet the above criteria. When all spots are filled the member running the SS must give a list of all participants and who each participant is supposed to be sending to.

    4. SS can not be posted in the trade manager. No feedback can be left for SS transactions. SCF takes no responsibility for any part of the SS transactions if it turns bad (no dispute team help, no staff intervention, etc.).

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