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Thread: dwyane wade gu ft

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    dwyane wade gu ft

    2004 hoops hot prospects dwyane wade gu 492/500

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    anyone really want this gone

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    not big basketball collector looking to move

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    I can trade any of these for it:

    01 Titanium Double Sided Jerseys 83 Allen Rossum/Larry Foster
    01 Topps Reserve Rookie Premiere Jerseys TRR-QM Quincy Morgan
    02 UD Honor Roll Rookie Honor Roll Jerseys RHR-EL Antwaan Randle El
    02 UD Ovation Jerseys OJ-DF Desaun Foster
    03 Playoff Hogg Heaven 223 Terrell Suggs /750
    03 Press Pass Game Used Jerseys Gold JC/BJ Bennie Joppru /475
    03 Sweet Spot Classics P-BU Brian Urlacher
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-EG Earnest Graham
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-BW Brett Williams
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-VM Vince Manuwai
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-JS Jon Stinchcomb
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-JGR Justin Griffith
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-VH Victor Hobson
    03 Topps All American Fabric of America FA-RM Rashean Mathis
    03 Topps DPP Collegiate Cuts CC-BJ Bryant Johnson
    04 Absolute Memorabilia 222 Ben Watson /750
    04 Bazooka College Collection Jerseys BCC-PI Cody Pickett
    04 Bazooka Originals Jerseys BO-BT Ben Troupe
    04 Bazooka Originals Jerseys BO-RWO Rashaun Woods
    04 Bazooka Rookie Roundup Jerseys RR-RC Ricardo Colclough
    04 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys GJ-31 Mark Brunell
    04 Topps DPP Big Dog Relics BD-CW Courtney Watson
    04 UD Game Jerseys DM-GJ Deuce McAllist
    05 Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Jerseys 10 Ciatrick Fason x2
    05 Absolute Memorabilia Spectrum Blue 230 Stefan Lefors /75
    05 Bazooka Originals Jerseys BO-AW Andrew Walter
    05 Bazooka Originals Jerseys BO-RM Ryan Moats
    05 Bazooka Rookie Threads BZR-CR Courtney Roby
    05 Leaf Certified Materials 220 Reggie Brown /999
    05 Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Jerseys PBP-KM Kevin Mawae
    05 Upper Deck Game Jerseys GJ-DS Duce Staley
    05 UD Kickoff Game Jerseys KJ-PP Peerless Price
    05 UD Rookie Materials Rookie Jerseys R12 Courtney Roby
    06 Bowman Sterling BS-OJ Omar Jacobs
    06 Donruss Elite Chain Reaction Jerseys Prime CR-1 Darrell Jackson /99
    06 Turkey Red Relics Gray TRR-MH Marvin Harrison
    07 Donruss Elite Chain Reaction Jerseys CR-19 Drew Brees /150
    08 Donruss Classics School Colors SC-50 Vernon Gholston /100
    08 Donruss Gridiron Gear Rookie Gridiron Gems Jerseys Combos Prime Patches 227 Malcolm Kelly /25
    08 SPx Winning Combos WC38 Greg Olsen/Bernard Berrian /49
    08 UD Rookie Jerseys UDRJ-BB Brian Brohm
    09 Absolute Memorabilia War Room Materials 17 Michael Crabtree /250
    09 Donruss Rookies and Stars Longevity Freshman Orientation Materials Jersey 17 Deon Butler /100
    09 Upper Deck Game Day Gear NFL-FO Matt Forte
    10 Bowman Sterling BSR-MK Mike Kafka
    10 Limited Threads 62 Drew Brees /199
    10 Topps Throwback Patch LPC-3 Ryan Grant

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