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    A Customer Service story, I thought I would share

    This is a long story of two card companies and their idea of customer service. Let me say up front in some ways Upper Deck did not owe me anything as I understand the risks when opening packs / boxes / or cases because I have been busting wax for 52 years. Yes, started when packs only costs a nickel and I took my school lunch money and bought cards instead of eating. Yes, I am an addict for sure.

    Back to my story, When Ultimate was released this year I was at our local with a couple of other hockey buyers and in one of my packs was an autographed swatch. When I pulled the card I didn't even know it was autographed for a while because the auto was so weak. I showed it to the owner of the store and he agreed plus I posted the card on this board.

    Responses were that was one sorry autograph. Here is an enhanced scan of the card and the auto shows up in the scan better than in person.

    It was the opinion of people that I know that I should send the card back to Upper Deck and ask for a replacement with an autograph you can see. So I sent it back.

    Months and months go by and nothing, my quality assurance claim is under review. Finally I get an answer that the card was a "quality autograph that had passed inspection at pack out" so there was nothing Upper Deck could do for about the card. My card would be returned back to me as is.

    Since Upper Deck values their customers they were going to send me something of extra value to make up for my trouble. Again, Upper Deck didn't have to do that but again I feel this was a pretty bad autograph.

    This past week I get in my package from UD. I was told it would be shipped by FED EX but it came regular mail.

    In the package was a Landeskog Holoview card which was my fourth one and this auto:

    Heck, at least I got an auto you can see. I wish it had been from Ultimate but at least I got something.

    Now to the rest of the story of customer service.

    Back months ago I was in Wal-Mart and I never buy any retail product because they are searched and the chance of getting much is almost impossible.

    I am waiting in line and I see a blaster of NASCAR. Neither one of the locals where I shop carry NASCAR and I don't collect their cards but I thought why not pick up a blaster because this one was guaranty a mem card or auto.

    I pulled a Kyle Busch fire suit card but there was a huge crease across the face of the card. I call Press Pass and asked if the card can be replaced. They tell me sure, send it in so off it goes.

    Weeks and weeks go by and nothing. I finally call and was told the card was almost ready to be shipped back to me as it was out for stamping.

    I wait and nothing ever comes, it has now been four months or so. I call again and was told the card had been shipped to me a week before. Card did not arrive and customer service tells me to wait a few days.

    We wait and nothing arrives. I call Press Pass back to check on the card and what do they tell me but the package had been returned back to them by the post office??? They had the correct address and there is no reason for the package to be sent back to them as not deliverable but it was.

    They say they will resend the package. I wait three more weeks and nothing arrives so I call Press Pass again to check on the shipping. What do they tell me???

    The package AGAIN has been returned by the post office. Still has the correct address so we don't know what is going wrong so customer services tell me they will ship via United Parcel Service and they know how bad this has been for me as their customer.

    I tell them, it is not their fault, it was the post office who returned the packages. (I spoke to the Post Office and they have no answer). I tell the customer service rep, not the end of the world as it was only a Kyle Busch card and of course, I had hoped to get a Dale Earnhart Jr, Jeff Gordon, or maybe a Danica Patrick card originally but the Busch is a nice card.

    Press Pass rep again tells me they are sorry this has taken so long to get my card replaced.

    Now on the very same day that I got the UD package back in the mail, not FED EX as promised I get the UPS package from Press Pass.

    It is thicker than what I thought it would be. I rip into the package and sure enough I get my replacement card:


    There was a note saying how sorry Press Pass was in taking so long to replace my card.

    This was with the note!

    I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on UD cards but Press Pass now has a customer for life. Not knocking UD but what quality customer service from Press Pass.

    I went by my local and showed them the cards and the local owner also teaches Marketing at one of the colleges in our town and he plans on using this story in his class.

    Thanks to Press Pass !!!

    Good luck with your breaks!

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    Wow, thanks for sharing the story, awesome Danica!

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    That is a great story. While Upper Deck didn't exactly do anything wrong in their situation (outside of making those signature swatches in the first place), it certainly was not a warm fuzzy situation either. I don't collect Nascar at all, but THAT is how you gain customers and really go above and beyond to make sure they are happy! An awesome gesture and a great looking card. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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    Wow that was great CS from Press pass awesome looking card

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