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Thread: Kellen Moore PC For Sale

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    Kellen Moore PC For Sale

    Havent been collecting as much as usually due to life circumstances so Im looking to move my collection. Ive missed a few actions and watched a few come and go so I think my heart is else where in this hobby. I may try to collect the Rainbow in chrome because I love chrome but the rest must go. I will break up or sale as on lot. So please feel free to contact me to inquire about content or price. Here is the photobucket link and what you see is what you get.

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    great collection there man.... if i were you I would just stash it away and hope he gets a start someday, you could make a killing... anyways, what would this set a guy like me back?

    I will check ebay and will not provide sick profits.

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    I was actually debating just holding onto them but I want to collect the Chrome Rainbow of his so figured I would sell a little to cover the cost. I will shoot you a price a little later. Thanks

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