Hello SCF,

Last July I had made a few trades while I was on vacation, I had brought some cards I wished to deal but mostly was going to wait until I went home to send everything out. The second to last day before I returned home - I was involved in a car accident leaving me pretty quite injured, and just getting back to normal about a month ago. I know I had about 5 outstanding trades which I could not complete due to my circumstances, but being a fairly new trader in terms of feedback, I always send first and thankfully no one sent me their cards! That would have been truly awful. I do believe I sold someone a card for about $3 that I found when looking through my PM's a couple days ago. I do feel terrible about that and hopefully Paypal refunded that trader.

I'm making this post to apologize, to those who I could not fulfill trades with and those who I had been in talks with. I know it was out of my hands but I feel bad I couldn't follow through, and even making trades and commitments when out of town. I know not to do that again. I am glad to be back on the forums and hope to deal soon! I'm not sure where this would have gone so I posted it here...if this is the wrong location please re-locate it for me. Sorry if this causes trouble. Thanks for reading and again I'm sorry to those who were excited to get some of my cards through trades!

Take care, and SKOL Vikes!