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Thread: Need help with a trader

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    Need help with a trader

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. I have never had an issue like this before so maybe some of you can help. A trade was recently confirmed. I'll leave traders name out for now but It was confirmed on 10/27/12. I have yet to receive card. He has a Must Send First tag so I have yet to send my stuff out so I'm not as mad as I could be. Anyways he has yet to respond to numerous messages and the last time he was on the site was 11/02/12. So there was a week where he was active between our trade. What should I do? The cards I am holding are tradeable cards at the moment. Part of me feels wrong if I trade them from underneath him, Other part feels like I am missing out on trade opportunities holding cards in limbo. What is protocol on this? and do I leave negative feedback?

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    If you have yet to receive your end after 14 days of the trade being confirmed you can put it into dispute like a portion of the SCF rule below states. Do not trade or sell the cards that were part of the deal until either the dispute was resolved or the dispute team mod tells you that you can.

    Section 6.17 DISPUTED TRADES:
    (a) Confirmed deals may be put into dispute status after 14 business days of it being confirmed.

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