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    Sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience . I hope it turns out for the better for you. By the sounds of it so far it might not. In the meantime it just does not seem right that the person you had the trade with wont reply to at least tell you he cant help you out. That to me does not seem like a "stand up" trader. If you don't mind could you PM me the traders name so i can make sure i do not have any dealings with him/her? Thx
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. Also if you don't mind please pm me the guy's user name as well. Good luck and hope that this unfortunate situation works out for the best.
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    Me also. Not only that how do you know what was in the package to know if it was really what you traded for on a high end trade like that? I had a guy send me a tracking # one time and I got his package before he got mine on a high end trade and it was nothing but a piece of paper in the bubbler so I had the post office send me my package back bc he had a po box and they didnt put my package in his box yet or I would of lost it because once it was in his box it was his. I got lucky on that one. For him not to even answer you is alarming to me like something isnt right.
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