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    My Expo Thread with a 3-Star Show #11 Style

    I was going to give you all a play by play of my day, but you don't really care to read... you want pics!

    this does not include a trade that I made with ravens_creed.

    Pickups for 11-12 Dominion

    Joe Finley

    Gabriel Bourque

    John Moore

    Ryan Ellis

    Brett Connolly

    Matt Frattin


    Louis Leblanc! - Thanks to the boys from CnC for working with me on a trade/sale!

    Now for the Perreault PC Pickups

    Because I couldn't have 1, I grabbed 2

    2006-07 Parkhurst Autograph

    And from a 3-way deal with gomaz and LSOH

    Now for the Top 3....

    Normally, the LeBlanc probably makes it, but not today.

    3rd Star --> 09-10 Trilogy Perreault Scripted Swatches 1st Star #/10

    2nd Star --> This pickup I made after being at the show for 20 minutes. Tuukkatime and his better-half were around for this deal and pickup. I probably paid a bit much for it, but its an awesome piece

    2004-05 SP Authentic SOTT Quad Beliveau/Dionne/Perreault and Bossy #/20

    1st Star --> This is my new cornerstone piece. It took a lot of work with FASTMAX and with a major assist from gary991979 by trading for it and then working out a trade with me for it. Thank you to both for helping me obtain what is going to be the crown jewel of my collection.

    2004-05 Legends Classics Triple Auto of the French Connection!!!!

    This was an awesome day at the expo. It was great to meet and hangout some of the awesome people in the hobby like gary991979, ouelll2, hossa18sens, reoddal, flopfish (thanks for riding shotgun up to Toronto with me), 30ranfordfan, fastmax, gomaz, ravens_creed and anyone else that I inadvertently missed.
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    That French Connection card is amazing. It takes me way back (probably cause I'm so old). Great pickups.

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    Awesome pickups. Thanks for the ride up again! Was trying to find you to show you my superlative stuff :p like that French connection though!

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