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    Broad Street Boys toughies and Only the Lord Saves more than Bernie Parent

    In The Game really made a dent in my wallet with this set. I still need a handful of cards to have all I need, want, desire, etc. I FINALLY got a few elusive BSB cards I needed and a couple of nice Bernie Parent cards.

    2011-12 ITG BSB Auto Pete Peeters (A-PP) (Black) - If this is a "common" how come I could never find it. I somehow missed one that went for $5.00. I paid a little more than that this time around.

    2011-12 ITG BSB Goaltenders Bernie Parent - Black (G-14) - A very tough short printed card to find.

    2012-13 ITG Forever Rivals Autograph Bernie Parent (A-BP)

    2009-10 ITG Superlative History of the Conn Smythe Bernie Parent 8-9

    2012-13 Score Bernie Parent #6

    2012-13 Score Bernie Parent -Gold #6

    1991-92 Pinnacle The Idols Bernie Parent-Mike Richter #384 - an old common card, but very nice nonetheless...

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    Very nice cards!

    Really like the last one but OMG....just check out how wide Mike Richter's pad are!

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    Bernie is the man, total class act every time i meet him.
    when i got back into the hobby a few years ago i promised myself i would strictly stick with baseball but it is sure tempting to pick up some stuff like this.

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