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    Wow... Talk about starting the first week off with a bang!! Already looking like this is going to be a tough voting week!

    I just want to say to everyone..
    Please don't be discouraged to show off your card just because you feel that it doesn't have a chance of winning.
    People can base their vote on several things, which means they might not necessarily choose the most expensive card they see.

    Plus, everyone enjoys a good show.. so we want to see all your cards regardless!
    Good luck!

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    Here's the winner, just like last year, although this is a 1/1 !!



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    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfSpeed08 View Post
    per rules of the thread

    You edited your original post... I'm sorry, but I have to DQ you for this week :(

    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Here's the winner, just like last year, although this is a 1/1 !!


    Haha... you forgot to include your username :p

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    Nobody has any other autograph cards that they want to show off?!

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    This may not win...I could have put up my Gordie or Orr or other autos...but this one, I enter in honor of the recent earning of the Foster Hewitt Award and entry into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a broadcaster of hockey. My 2010-11 Crown Royale Voices of the Game Rick Jeanneret Auto.

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    Let's try this one..

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Always looking to add Montreal Canadiens certified autographs to my PC
    STOP KILLING SHARKS - Keep sharks in the Ocean and out of the soup
    I have a U.S address, let's trade!

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