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    Show & Tell Contest 5.0 - Week 1!

    For more information and rules about this contest, please see this thread.

    The theme for this week is: Best autographed card (single player, auto only. No memorabilia)

    The theme will run from today until 11:59pm EST on Saturday, Nov. 17th, 2012

    General Rules

    1. You MUST post a new scan/picture of your card with your handwritten ID next to it in this thread.
    2. Only one submission per member per week.
    3. A card can only be submitted ONCE throughout the whole contest, so choose wisely.
    4. If you make a mistake, do NOT edit your post! Instead, create a new one, or your entry for the week will be disqualified. No exceptions.

    Good luck!

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    Here's my entry for this week. Last year, people had a so-called hoot and a holler regarding my Bill Ranford "In Other(s) Words" card getting me enough for votes for third place that week. This week, I go with Gerry Cheevers' appreciated effort:

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    This is a great place to hang out, so I figure I'll throw some cards in again this year. Can't go wrong with an auto of the Great One.

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    Sorry, guess I'm out, just looked back to page one and saw "single player".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Professor-Chaos View Post
    Let's try this one..

    You're going to need to post a scan with your handwritten username included...
    Don't edit your original post, but create a new one instead. Also, if you can.. please upload the picture directly in your post. If you don't know how just shoot me a PM :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Sorry, guess I'm out, just looked back to page one and saw "single player".
    Aww, bummer! Always next week :)

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    Damn I uploaded the wrong picture LOL


    Always looking to add Montreal Canadiens certified autographs to my PC
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    I have a U.S address, let's trade!

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    i'm in with a 5x7

    06-07 Beehive Sidney Crosby Auto
    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
    Contact me for any site related issues
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