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Thread: $33 PP GIFT for best lot!

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    $33 PP GIFT for best lot!

    So my last thread was kind of a failure, i didn't come across anything that really blew me away like i was hoping for it's probably my fault as i didnt really explain what i wanted just told people to offer up.

    Can spend up to $37 GIFT

    So basically looking for

    -3-5 nice cards
    -Doesn't need to be superstars but not looking for no namers and bums
    -Have no interest in inserts/parallels and low end RCs
    -Would like patch/autos/jerseys/prime sort of cards not just plain $10 Jersey or auto cards
    -Products i have interest in are Certified/Prime/Artifacts/The Cup/Dominion etc.
    -Not looking through buckets you know what you have and what youre looking for
    -Scans/pictures will help make the sale (Not interested in investing money in cards i cant see) even if you can get pictures from Ebay that look similar to your card.
    -Not paying more than eBay prices, preferably a little under completed eBay prices
    -Don't have much interest in pre 2010 cards but if it's a nice patch or auto I could be interested

    Hope this helps narrow down what i'm looking for :)

    Please PM or Reply with offers

    Thanks guys
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