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    Selling my collection of Osgoods Look inside

    I will be listing these a few at a time. I will post a link to my Bucket and you can see most of my Osgoods. I will list in lots or singles. If I list as a lot that is how I want to sell them. It took me a long time and lot's of money to get these cards. I have decided to part ways with them but will not give them away. All prices are shipped in the US and all others will need to add $2 to the price. I have A lot of Osgoods that are High end or Low Number Inserts and are Rare.
    05/06 Upperdeck Ice frozen fabrics FF-CO, FFP-CO #29/50 Patch, FAP-CO #10/10 Patch/Auto $45 shipped
    08/09 In The Game Ultimate Mem 9th edition Ultimate base card Silver #59/90 and 68/90 Both for $45
    07/08 IN The Game Ultimate Mem 8th Edition Net Wins Silver #17/24 $15
    09/10 Upperdeck Series 1 Patch GJ-CO #14/15 $30
    98/99 Black Diamond Winning Formula Mystery Numbers #28/33 $65
    98/99 Black Diamond Quad #30/100 His Jersey Number $40
    10/11 Artifacts Tundra Trios Triple Patch #34/40 Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Osgood $30
    09/10 In The Game Between The Pipes Pad save 1 of 60 $20
    99 Be A Player Millennium Goalie Mem Blocker Pad $75
    91 Classic draft Pick Auto Plus One Missing the Auto, Very Rare. Auto is #726/1100 and one with out Auto is #815/1100 $70 for both
    Here is a link to most of the higher end Osgoods I have over 700 different cards of Osgood so just ask if your looking for a certain one.

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    Best price for all excluding the last two auto, triple patch and the two inserts

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottyb87 View Post
    Best price for all excluding the last two auto, triple patch and the two inserts
    I sent you a PM LMK or PM me back and we can talk

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    Anybody Need to sell willing to listen to offers. Or are my prices to high????????????

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