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Thread: best place to find cards FT

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    best place to find cards FT

    where is the best place to find cards that you want to trade for cards you need
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    Depending on what spots you collect I would go into that certain forum and look for the trading forum portion. Every sport section has one. You can post your trade lists their.
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    but what if you don't have any cards FT then where would you get some from
    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    Like mrveggieman said you can go the eBay route, or try to purchase lots of different cards right here on SCF if any member has them for sale or check other sport card websites. Not going to post any but a quick search in google will help you find some.
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    Sometimes I'll browse through eBay just purchase trade bait, you can be surprised how many steals there are to be found, it's all about being in the right place at the right time, sometimes all it takes is a little luck.

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